Bespoke Installations.

At Stormguard Fencing we install your fencing for you! With our bespoke installations we ensure the best possible fencing for your garden.

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A MAINTENANCE FREE fencing solution

No more painting and regular maintenance to keep your fence looking like new! 20 Year warranty against rotting!

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Maintenance Free Gates.

We Supply PVC Gates which are perfect as an accompaniment to our fences, or can stand alone! They also have a 20 year warranty!

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Compatible With Concrete

Fencing can be used with existing concrete fence posts and gravel boards. Replacing your old panels is easy!

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Stormguard Fencing -The Only Fence you’ll ever need!

Are you ashamed of the appearance of your fence? Are boundary hedges becoming too much of a hassle to maintain? Is your fence constantly being blown over? If the answer to any of those questions is yes then you need to seriously consider the installation of Stormguard Fencing!

Stormguard Fencing offer a revolutionary product!

Stormguard Fencing have a product which is in massive demand across the United Kingdom. Our fences are popular for a number reasons. Firstly the fences we install will not erode due to weather. The fences also are very low maintenance, saving you both time and money. Once you have our fencing you can have peace of mind that they will last as long as we claim.

The material we use is very tough and will take a lot to break, so you can be safe in the knowledge that you will still get the same high quality finish and texture you would from a wooden fence. You can find out more about the fencing that we offer on the product page.

Amazing Transformations!

Perhaps the most impressive thing about the fencing we at Stormguard Fencing provide is the way in which it can rejuvenate a garden. Take a look at the example below which took a tired, run down looking garden and transformed it into a clean, tidy space.

stormguard fencing

The transformation that we can make with our fencing is incredible! The outside of a home is the first thing any prospective buyer sees. By creating a clean, pleasant environment you can really add value to your property!

Any more questions?

We hope to answer all of your questions on this website. You can find out more about our plastic fencing or read our Frequently Asked Questions. If you need anything you can’t find on our website then feel free to contact us or give us a call on 01260 289 089.