Q. Can I insert screws into Stormguard Fencing?

A. Yes Stormguard Fencing accepts screws allowing things to be attached to it or allow it to be fixed to things.

Q. Will Stormguard Fencing rot?

A. NO Stormguard Fencing will NOT rot. It is made from U-PVC.

Q. Will Stormguard Fencing fade?

A. Stormguard Fencing will weather naturally as does traditional timber or any other outdoor product and location and exposure will increase the process. In the past other customers have sprayed Stormguard Fencing with an aerosol paint which bonds to the surface and makes them look as good as new.

Q. Will Stormguard Fencing fit into my existing concrete posts?

A. Providing your slots are 52mm or more then yes, we have not come across a post that does not accept our boards

Q.Can I hang a gate off an Stormguard Fencing?

A.It is best practice to fix a timber post to Stormguard Fencing so that you have a square edge to fix to. We would also recommend that the post is filled with concrete to stop the natural flex. We can also install gates for you!

Q. Will Stormguard Fencing stand up to a large dog or football?

A. Stormguard fencing has a greater tensile strength than concrete, it will flex unlike concrete so will absorb impacts from large dogs or balls.

Q. Can I fix Stormguard Fencing to existing wooden posts?

A. We would have to fix a utility strip to the post to form a channel so the boards can slot in.

Q. What does the Stormguard Fencing guarantee cover?
A. The guarantee we offer on our products covers you for 20 years against our products rotting. Our guarantee also covers the installation for 20 years. What we do not cover in the guarantee is the natural fading of colour. It also does not cover any negligence on your behalf which could lead to a damaged fence.