Maintenance free fencing – why choose it?

What are the advantages of maintenance free fencing?

One of the biggest advantages of ordering the Stormguard Fencing system is that you get maintenance free fencing. What do we mean when we say maintenance free fencing? Quite simply you will not have to engage in any activities to keep your fence looking like new! With the fences we install you will never have to worry about repainting your fence or repairing damage! In this blog we’ll give you three reasons why you should consider installing maintenance free fencing at your home.

maintenance free fencing

Installing Maintenance free fencing saves money.

The beauty of plastic fencing is that it will never need painting whilst you have it installed. Whilst the finish on the panels made fade a little it will never be so severe that you will have to repaint the panels, meaning you spend no money on paint! When you compare this to a traditional timber paneled fence the savings become evident. It’s estimated that the cost of treating the panels would be around £620 when you factor in the cost of preserver and the time taken to do it.

No risk of injury!

maintenance free fencing
It might sound like an odd boast to make but there is no risk of injury when you use maintenance free fencing at home. It has been reported that over 4,000 people a year are hospitalised due to accidents that occur whilst painting. On the less dramatic side there are the usual aches and pains associated with painting a fence. These will be a thing of the past with our plastic fences!

More time to enjoy your garden.

It takes an average of 20 minutes to paint a panel to a high standard. When you consider how many panels are in a garden this equates to a reasonable chunk of time to paint your fence. Our maintenance free fencing never needs anything time dedicating to you. This gives you more time to enjoy your time in your garden.

Talk to us.

This blog has given you three great reasons why you should consider having Stormguard Fencing install maintenance free fencing in your garden. If you’d like to talk to us about installing fencing in your garden give us a call on 01260 289 089 or use our contact form if you’d like to talk to us about installing plastic fencing at your home.