Plastic Fencing in Northwich

Plastic Fencing installed at a home in Northwich.

Stormguard Fencing recently completed the installation of plastic fencing in Northwich, Cheshire. The fencing was installed at a home where the owner had concerns over their privacy as the summer months came to an end. The house had a small fence installed which was supplemented with bushes which grew to create a boundary. The owner was concerned that the autumn would mean a loss of this cover. Another concern of the owner was that the bushes were hard to maintain and thus looked for a better solution. A picture of the garden before the fencing is shown below.

plastic fencing in northwich

Plastic Fencing is the ideal solution.

After contacting us we visited the home to carry out a site survey to assess the job that we needed to do. The owner was reassured to learn that we could install fencing that would give them the privacy required. A further benefit for the owner was that the fencing is maintenance free. This took a great deal of stress out of their life as maintaining the existing boundary was physically strenuous.


When it came to installing the plastic fencing in Northwich our team carried out a professional job. With the existing fence being removed there was a need for us to install our PVC fencing posts. These have an advantage over traditional concrete posts as they are unlikely to crack in harsh weather. In order to reduce the intrusion on the owner we worked quickly to ensure the job was done over the course of a day. The end result was a great looking fence that was really appreciated by the owner who was happy enjoy the privacy of their back garden. The finished job is shown below.
plastic fencing in northwich

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