Recycled Plastic Fencing

Make an Earth conscious decision with recycled plastic fencing.

At Stormguard Fencing we are proud to play our part in protecting the environment by offering recycled plastic fencing as standard. All plastic fencing that we install is manufactured from 92% recycled materials and is an environmentally friendly choice when it comes to fencing installation.

Recycled Plastic Fencing

By using our fencing you can be assured that you are helping to protect the world’s natural resources and help the environment, all whilst getting a great looking fence!

Why consider recycled plastic fencing?

It’s estimated that by 2020 the UK will be harvesting 15.5 million metres cubed of timber each year. This is a massive amount of forestation that is destroyed each year. When you also consider that just 10% of the timber we harvest is used in the UK (with 90% coming from overseas) the cumulative effect of using Timber fencing is clear. With just a 10 year life span on timber fencing it is clear that we all need to make a change to a more sustainable form of fencing. That is exactly what we offer with PVC fencing!

How is plastic fencing created?

Recycled plastic fencing is created using mixed plastic. The plastic that goes into creating plastic fencing comes from a whole range of sources. From window frames that have been removed to plastic milk bottles an entire mix goes into creating the fencing. By using a diverse mix of plastics the fencing also becomes much stronger and able to absorb much more impact. The use of mixed plastics also ensures that it becomes resistant to extreme heat changes, and won’t start sagging.

Interested in Recycled plastic fencing?

If you are interested in having Recycled plastic fencing installed at your home then we at Stormguard Fencing can help you! Just give our team a call on 01260 289 089 or use our contact form to send us a message online. We look forward to hearing from you!